About Rashad Blossom

Meet Rashad Blossom

An attorney and entrepreneur specializing in bankruptcy and finance.

Rashad Blossom, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a bankruptcy attorney as well as the owner and manager of Blossom Law PLLC. If you ask Rashad, he’ll tell you that he’s had an entrepreneurial spirit instilled in him since he was just a boy. At the age of 14, Rashad Blossom began cutting hair and dreamed of opening his own barber shop. Fast forward five years and at the age of 19, Rashad had fulfilled that dream with the opening of Rychess Cut barbershop, which he owned and ran for five years. A little bit further down the road and you will find Rashad having earned a BS in Finance from The University of Alabama, as well as his Juris Doctor. This led Rashad to getting into law, becoming a Bankruptcy, Restructuring & Distressed Investing Partner for Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP. Rashad found much success in this position and established himself as an experienced attorney. Rashad Blossom felt something was missing from his career though, and that’s what led him to get back into running a business with the formation of Blossom Law PLLC. Rashad realized that he wanted to focus on helping the little guy, specifically those who can’t always afford a lawyer but still require the best of the best in legal services. At Blossom Law, Rashad focuses on assisting clients who are filing for bankruptcy, as well as small business owners who are facing financial dilemmas among other types of cases.